The Geoff Mercer Endowment

Geoff Mercer

Conditions of Award

1. Introduction

The Geoff Mercer Endowment honours its namesake who passed away suddenly in April 2014 at the peak of his career. The endowment recognises Geoff’s outstanding contribution to the NCEPH and RSPH communities, especially his attentiveness as a teacher and mentor, his dedication to service and his research achievements.

Geoff was committed to fostering the academic development of students. The Geoff Mercer Endowment will continue Geoff’s legacy of mentoring and support of students, by funding a grant for a postgraduate RSPH student to undertake an activity in pursuit of their academic goals, including travel to a national or international conference. Given Geoff’s commitment to applying mathematics to population health, especially infectious disease problems, students undertaking research in that area are particularly encouraged to apply.

2. Value

The value of the Award will be up to $1,500 and will be paid as a one off payment. Only one Award will be awarded each year.

3. Eligibility

The Award shall be awarded each year to the student who, enrolled in the Research School of Population Health, has completed an application for funding support that is judged by the Selection Committee to be the most likely to enhance the pursuit of the applicant’s academic goals.

4. Application

The Award application will consist of a maximum two-page single-spaced request and justification for an activity to assist in the pursuit of their academic goals and should address the criteria as outlined. These include the academic merit of the proposed activity, the benefit of the proposed activity to the student and the benefit to the proposed activity to the School. The Award application should be submitted to the School Manager no later than 31st August each academic year.

5. Selection

The Selection Committee shall be determined, from time to time, by the Director of the School, RSPH.

The Selection Committee will make a recommendation on the Award to the Director, RSPH, once each year.

When making their decision, the Selection Committee may take into account the information contained in the Award application and gathered during the annual review of student progress.
The Award shall not be awarded if, in the opinion of the Selection committee, there is no candidate of sufficient merit. The School reserves the right to make no awards in a given year, to vary the number of awards or to make an award/s at other times in exceptional circumstances as determined by the Director RSPH. The School reserves the right to revise the awards from time to time.

6. Concurrent holding of awards

The Award can be held concurrently with other Awards.

7. Termination and payment

The University may terminate an Award if the scholar is not making satisfactory progress. If the Award is terminated the selection committee shall take into account the information available and shall determine whether any repayment of the Award monies is payable.

8. Taxation

Scholars are responsible for seeking taxation advice regarding their own individual circumstances.

9. Publicity

It is anticipated that scholars may be requested to participate in publicity of the Award from time to time.

On occasions, the scholar may be contacted by the College / School to participate in activities including, but not limited to, an interview, a photograph, and a formal Award presentation ceremony. The College / School may also request written responses from the scholar which can include, but is not limited to, a summary of basic profile information, and descriptions of University experiences.

The University may publicise the Award by publishing the names of the scholars. Arrangements for such publicity will be made through the Communications and External Liaison Office of the University or through the College of Medicine, Biology & Environment Marketing and Development Office.

10. Contact with the College

Enquiries regarding this Award should be made in writing through the Research School of Population Health.

11. University regulations

The scholar is subject to The Australian National University Act 1991 as amended, and to the Statutes, Rules, Regulations and Resolutions of the University.

12. Disclaimer

The award does not carry any commitment by the University for future employment.