Seminar: The application of Implementation science to e-mental health

Photograph of Christiaan Vis

ImpleMentAll is a European collaboration towards faster and more effective implementation of eHealth interventions. The project’s raison d’être is founded on the notion that implementation of new services and technologies is time-consuming and costly – and often fails completely – not least in the healthcare domain. Solidly based in implementation science research, and in a collaboration spanning from all corners of Europe to Australia, the project will construct its answer to this widespread problem. Christiaan will discuss the development of the ImpleMentAll Project and more broadly explore how methodology from implementation science can be applied to implementing and sustaining evidence-based eMental health into systems of care.

Christiaan Vis is a Research Associate in Implementation Research in the field of eMental Health. His research focuses on the interplay of effectiveness and implementation research including health benefits, patient safety, perspectives of patients and healthcare professionals, organisational changes, costs and the wider context including reimbursement, legal, and ethical issues. He has been involved in several collaborative implementation studies that bring together the disciplines of implementation science and mental health, with a specific focus on eMental health and the care of depression. He is the Scientific Coordinator for ImpleMentAll and Project Manager for the MasterMind and E-COMPARED studies, which evaluate the implementation of evidence-based Internet interventions for depressive disorders in routine mental healthcare settings in Europe.