Seminar Series 1: Systems thinking approach to mental health planning

Mental health and wellbeing

Ever wondered how research informs mental health policy and planning?

The first two seminars in this inaugural CMHR Seminar Series are designed to provide participants with knowledge and skills in a systems thinking approach to mental health planning.

In the first seminar participants will learn how to use the Description, Evaluation and Classification of services for Long Term Care (DESDE-LTC) instrument in the assessment of mental health services. Participants will be provided with examples of the DESDE-LTC application internationally and nationally. The standard assessment of services facilitates territorial comparisons, which is crucial for evidence-informed health planning and resource allocation.

In the second seminar a series of lectures introduces participants to the application of classification systems in the Commonwealth Government and State/Territory Governments. Examples from State Government representatives will outline how policies are translated into mental health planning.  This seminar explores a systems approach to mental health planning and provides a platform for moving forward.


Seminar A

  • The DESDE-LTC System for coding and mapping mental health services.
  • Use of DESDE-LTC: Guided cases.
  • Use of Geographical Information Systems in mental health care.
  • The Atlas of Mental Health Care project. International development, implementation and practical experiences in Australia.

Seminar B

  • Accountability and evidence-informed mental health care planning.
  • The implementation gap in eMHealth.
  • Practical experiences in the use of modelling and smart Decision Support Systems in mental health planning.
  • An update on the WHO family of International Classification (WHO-FIC): Implications for mental health planning in Australia.
  • National Mental Health Service Planning Framework (NMHSPF) and its application in policy and planning in Australia.
  • Translating national policies into local planning. A perspective from Capital Health Network- ACT.
  • Translating national policies into urban and rural State planning. A perspective from Western Australia.