August report for Society Culture and Health

8 August 2018


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Conference papers and posters

  • Leach L, Dinh H, Cooklin A, Westrupp E, Strazdins L, Nicholson J. How does change, stability, and accumulation of parents’ work-family conflict impact children’s mental health. Australian Institute of Family Studies Conference. 25-27th July 2018, Melbourne, Australia.
  • Walls, H., Johnston, D., Tak, M., Dixon, J., Hanefeld, J., Hull, L., Smith, R. (2018) “The impact of agricultural input subsidies on food and nutrition security: A review and mapping of case-studies”, Agriculture, Nutrition & Health Academy Week 2018, Accra, Ghana, 25-29 June. (Poster)


Impact and engagement

Cathy, Anna and Tehzeeb wrote a submission for the Select Committee into the Obesity Epidemic in Australia highlighting the need for policy to focus on the obesogenic environment as well as social inequalities. Also warning against the powerful role of industry in current approaches to food policy.

Jodie’s visual presentation for ANU Visualise Your Thesis 2018 was a finalist, shown at the ANU 2018 Student Research Conference on 20th July.

Cathy and Anna were invited to present a methods workshop to the PM&C Public Service Review Special Task Force. The workshop focused on qualitative data analysis, in particular, how to analyse large qualitative datasets using rigorous methods.

Ruth attended the Fenner School PIES retreat (Policies, Institutions and Economics for Sustainability) discussion group retreat 4-5 June.

Liana was featured in a media story for ANU Science about fathers taking parental leave:

Haribondhu Sarma completed a research trip to ICDD,B Dhaka (July 8-15) to present findings of his study “Piloting Job Aids and User Instructions for Improving Adherence Behavior of Amoxicillin Dispersible Tablet for the Treatment of Childhood Pneumonia in Bangladesh”. He also attended meetings with partners and collaborators of BRAC, 

Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition and the Ministry of Health in Dhaka and worked ICDD,B staff to plan analysis of survey data collected as part of the “Evaluation of Home Fortification with Micronutrient Powder Program”.

Haribondhu Sarma completed a research trip to the Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI) (July 16 – 21) where he is a member of a Welcome Trust research program, “Social Determinants of Post-Hospital Discharge Mortality”. He attended a data analysis workshop and meetings with co-investigators from the University of Oxford about future interventions to address social vulnerabilities of post-hospital discharge mortality.