March news about Environment Climate and Health

7 March 2018


The PFAS Health Study team had a planning day to discuss finalisation of a systematic review into the health effects of per- and poly fluorinated alkyl substances, recent focus groups in affected communities, and expansion of the epidemiological study to include the town of Katherine in the NT.


Papers accepted/published:

  • Langer-Gould A, Lucas RM, Xiang AH, Wu J, Chen L-H, Gonzales E, Haraszti S, Smith JB, Quach H, Barcellos LF. Vitamin D-binding protein polymorphisms, 25-hydroxyvitamin D, sunshine and multiple sclerosis. Nutrients (accepted 2 Feb 2018)
  • Langer-Gould A, Lucas RM, Xiang AH, Chen L-H, Wu J, Gonzales E, Haraszti S, Smith JB, Quach H, Barcellos LF. Sun exposure but not vitamin D is associated with multiple sclerosis risk in blacks and Hispanics. Nutrients (accepted 23 Feb 2018)
  • Rodney, R. M., P. Celi, W. Scott, K. Breinhild, and I.J. Lean. (2018) Effects of transition nutrition on the fertility of lactating dairy cows: a meta-analysis. J. Dairy Sci. [accepted 15 Feb 2018]



  • Rachael Rodney presented an invited talk at the Australian Dairy Conference (13-15 Feb in Melbourne) on the importance of communication between the research community and industry.
  • Robyn Lucas presented an invited talk on “UV radiation, vitamin D and health” to scientists at the University of Malaga, and to the public, on 20 Feb 2018



ECH group members are convening Fundamentals of Epidemiology and Human Health, Environment and Climate courses as part of the ANU MPH course. Students commenced last week.


Robyn Lucas attended the meeting of the UNEP Environmental Effects Assessment Panel for the Montreal Protocol on Ozone Depletion to begin preparation for the quadrennial report.