Multiple Sclerosis patients to turn researchers in 'groundbreaking' study from ANU

25 January 2019

People living with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) will become researchers in a new project at The Australian National University (ANU), funded by a grant from MS Research Australia.Dr Jane Desborough, a Senior Research Fellow at the Research School of Population Health, is paving the way for people to be at the centre of research about the disease they live with.

The Australian National University study was funded by MS Research Australia and is based on a new approach in letting the usual research subjects also become researchers, Ms Fanning explained.It will combine the medical expertise of scientists with the real-life experience of people who live with MS, in the hope of finding better, more personalised treatment. It is also aimed at breaking down communication barriers between scientists and patients.

People from around Australia would be given wearable devices, participate in at-home tests and take part in regular workshops with the research team.

See the full story shown on ABC here.

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Also, to view the actual TV Footage please go here. It was on Wednesday evening, 23rd January and the the clip on the study starts around 11.30 minutes in.