November news about Epidemiology for Policy and Practice

8 November 2017

Welcome to new members of the EPP group:

  • Lily O'Donoughue Jenkins – Lily is working as the Research Project Officer on the absolute risk approach to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander CVD program.
  • Kirstie McLoughlin – Kirstie is an intern from Oxford University, who is working on the absolute risk program and a paper (led by Emily Banks) on a systems approach to research.


The group has had success in recent NHMRC grant rounds:

  •  Partnership Grant for Whole-of-population linked data: strengthening the evidence to drive improvement in health and health care in Australia. CIA Rosemary Korda, CIB Emily Banks, CIG Raymond Lovett and CII Bianca Calabria.
  •  Principal Research Fellowship for research on Large-scale epidemiology, chronic disease and disadvantaged populations: evidence and translation. CIA Emily Banks.
  • Centre of Research Excellence (CRE) in Partnership Pathways to Better Care and Outcomes for Aboriginal Young People. CID Emily Banks.
  • Emily Banks was inducted into the Australian Academy of Health and Medical Sciences, for her distinguished scholarly achievements and her exercise of outstanding leadership in the science of health and medicine. 
  • An editorial by Emily Banks and Sandra Eades entitled 50 years since citizenship: successes and challenges in Indigenous health was published in Public Health Research & Practice.
  • On 27 Oct, Cathy Day and Joyce Zhang gave a presentation on online teaching and learning (with animations) to representatives of 39 Chinese universities. The delegates were part of the China Scholarship Council Student Affairs Program 2017, which aims to showcase teaching, learning and research at the ANU, with a view to forging closer alliances between the ANU and Chinese universities.
  • Jenny Welsh attended the International Federation of Psychiatric Epidemiology in Melbourne (17-20 October), and presented her paper on psychological distress and ischaemic heart disease.  She also facilitated a session on comorbid physical and mental health conditions. 
  • Ray Lovett gave an invited plenary presentation at the 2017 Oceania Tobacco Control Conference, entitled: Deadly progress: changes in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander daily smoking.
  • Ray Lovett was part of a symposium on the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control and Indigenous Smoking, presenting on Data sovereignty and governance in undertaking research with Indigenous peoples
  • Ray Lovett and Katie Thurber’s paper titled The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander smoking epidemic: What stage are we at, and what does it mean? has received lots of media attention. See
  • Daniel Wang received the award for Best 15 Minute Presentation and the People’s Choice Award at the RSPH student conference. Daniel is doing two projects with EPP Group: an undergraduate project in 2017 and an Honours project in 2018
  • Jill Guthrie gave a keynote presentation “Exploring the potential of Justice Reinvestment in Australia’ at the 13th Biennial Australasian Corrections Education Association Conference, 5 October 2017.
  • Jill Guthrie presented to the Corrective Services NSW Aboriginal Advisory Council on Justice Reinvestment on 13 September 2017.
  • Ray Lovett gave an invited plenary address at the NAACHO conference, entitled: ‘Mayi Kuwayu: a national study of culture and wellbeing among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ (30 October).
  • Martyn Kirk and Jason Agostino’s article on community-acquired MRSA received media attention across Australia.  The research featured on ABC’s AM, Health Report program and the Huffington Post.  See:
  • Ray Lovett and Katie Thurber gave an invited presentation to the Indigenous Health Division, Department of Health on 5 Oct entitled Deadly Progress: changes in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander adult daily smoking from 2004-2015
  • Alice Richardson took up the first week of her Visiting Fellowship the Victorian Centre for Biostatistics (ViCBiostat) from 16 to 20 October. She presented a seminar at the Murdoch Childrens’ Research Institute on Quality Use of Pathology Data, and met with a number of Centre researchers with a view to establishing research projects on multiple imputation in multilevel data.
  • The 45 and Up Study Annual Forum was on 24 Oct. Jenny Welsh, Cathy Day, Ellie Paige, Rosemary Korda, Kay Soga, Emily Banks, Rosemary Knight, Lily Jenkins, Amanda Daluwatta and Kirstie McLoughlin attended the event.
  • Kay Soga gave a presentation to the 45 and Up Collaborators’ meeting, entitled Contribution of behavioural risk factors to socioeconomic variation in primary cardiovascular disease (CVD) events.  Rosemary Korda, Grace Joshy, Emily Banks and Jenny Welsh were co-authors of this presentation.
  • Jenny Welsh and Ellie Paige's article No, depression won’t literally break your heart (but have a heart check anyway) in The Conversation has over 4,000 readers.


Accepted and Published Papers:

  • Thurber K, Burgess L, Falster K, Banks E, Moller H, Ivers R, Cowell C, Isaac V, Kalucy D, Fernando P, Woodall C, Clapham K. Relation of child, caregiver, and environmental characteristics to childhood injury in an urban Aboriginal cohort in New South Wales, Australia. Australian & New Zealand Journal of Public Health. Accepted 1 October, 2017.
  • Lovett R, Thurber K, Maddox R. The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander smoking epidemic: What stage are we at, and what does it mean? Public Health Research and Practice. Published 11 Oct, 2017.
  • Korda R J, Kirk M, Trevenar S, Clements M S, Armstrong B K, Anderson P R, Guiver T. ACT Asbestos Health Study: Data Linkage Study on the Risk of Mesothelioma and Other Cancers in Residents of Affected Properties in the ACT. The Lancet Public Health. Published 1 November, 2017.
  • Lovett R, Thurber K, Wright A, Maddox R, Banks E. Deadly progress: changes in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander smoking prevalence, 2004-2015. Public Health Research and Practice. Accepted 25 October, 2017.