November news about Society Culture and Health

8 November 2017


Choi, Y., Banwell, C., A Qualitative Study of Attitudes towards Smoking and Anti-smoking Measures among Korean Male Smokers in Australia. Global Journal of Health Science (Accepted 30/10/17)

Venn, D., Dixon, J., Banwell, C., Strazdins, L. Social determinants of food expenditure in Australia: the role of education, income, geography and time. Public Health Nutrition (Accepted October 2017).

Batterham, P.J., Walker, J, Leach L.S., Ma, J., Calear, A.L., Christensen H. A longitudinal test of the predictions of the Interpersonal-Psychological Theory of Suicidal Behaviour for passive and active suicidal ideation in a large community-based cohort. Journal of Affective Disorders. (accepted 1st October)

Dinh H., Cooklin A.R., Leach L.S, Westrupp E,. Nicholson J.M., & Strazdins L. (2017). Parents' transitions into and out of work-family conflict and children's mental health: Longitudinal influence via family functioning. Social Science Medicine. 194:42-50.

Banwell, C, Sargent, G., Strazdins, L & Dixon, J Cultural economy approach to workplace health promotion in Australian small and medium sized workplaces: A critical qualitative study. Critical Public Health (Accepted October 20 2017)

Bennetts, S.K., Cooklin, A.R., Crawford, S., D’Esposito, F., Hackworth, N.J., Green, J., Matthews, J., Strazdins, L., Zubrick, S.R. & Nicholson, J.M. What influences parents’ fear about children’s independent mobility? Evidence from a state-wide survey of Australian parents. American Journal of Health Promotion. Accepted 04 October 2017.



Book chapters

Young, M. and Dixon, J. (In press, for publication February 2018) “The kangaroo in nature”, in Marsden, T. (ed) Sage Handbook of Nature, Sage.

Edwards, F., Dixon, J., Beilin, R. (In press, for publication February 2018) “Adopting a public health ecology approach to a key food security issue: apiary, bio-diversity and conservation”, in Marsden, T. (ed) Sage Handbook of Nature, Sage.



Higgs P and Olsen A. 2017. Hepatitis Awareness Project Evaluation. Australian Injecting and Illicit Drug Users League (AIVL): Canberra, ACT.


Published abstracts

Chun J, Olsen A, Dwyer R, Clavarino A, Hollingworth S, Taing MW, Nielsen S (2017) Pharmacists’ education needs on over the counter naloxone: A mixed-methods study. Drug and Alcohol Review 36(S1): 4-73

Olsen A, Dwyer R, Chun J, Clavarino A, Hollingworth S, Taing MW, Nielsen S (2017) Australian pharmacists’ readiness to provide over-the-counter naloxone. Drug and Alcohol Review 36(S1): 4-73


Conference papers and posters

Leu, J. Eat, Sleep, Work, and Repeat. RSPH Student conference. 19th October 2017. Canberra, Australia.

Miller, P. Employment status and postpartum mental health. RSPH Student conference. 19th October 2017. Canberra, Australia.

Zhao, Y. The association between shift work and mental health – A systematic review on large, population-based regional or national studies. RSPH Student conference. 19th October 2017. Canberra, Australia.

Sarma, H & Banwell, C. From an Efficacy Trial to Sustainability of an Implementation: A Conceptual Framework for Implementation Science. RSPH Student conference. 19th October 2017. Canberra, Australia.

Leach LS, Dinh H, Westrupp E, Strazdins L, Cooklin A, Nicholson J. Understanding how change, stability, and accumulation of parents’ work-family conflict impacts children’s mental health. International Federation of Psychiatric Epidemiology Congress. 18-20th October. 2017. Melbourne, Australia.

Cooklin A, Nicholson J, Hokke, S & Leach L (co-presenters). Reducing the organisational and individual impacts of work-family conflict: from evidence to practice. Roundtable: Integrated Approaches to Improve Worker Health and Wellbeing (sponsored by WorkSafe Victoria). 30th October 2017, Melbourne, Australia.


Impact and engagement

Lyndall Strazdins was an invited speaker and consultant for Families Australia and the Federal Department of Social Services Family policy forum. The work of fathering: New directions for policy to support fathers. Canberra, October 31.

Lyndall Strazdins gave an invited seminar Is time a social determinant of health? Thomas Coram Research Institute, University College London, October.

Lyndall Strazdins has been invited to be one of the scientific advisors for the NSW Government Centre for Work Health and Safety Research Foundation (a team of 6 academics, 4 policy and regulatory officials, 5 union and business leaders).

Lyndall Strazdins has been invited to join the Journal of Marriage and Family Editorial Board (leading journal in the family field for over 70 years and the most highly cited journal in family science). ISI Journal Citation Ranking: 2016: 9/43 (Family Studies); 9/43, 17/143 (Sociology).

Anna Olsen has been chosen to present at a special ANU symposium on Reproduction and Family Planning in Australia. She will be speaking about her work on the reproductive experiences of women who use drugs.

Jane Dixon was co-convenor of a Symposium: Supermarket Power in Australia: looking back and ahead, State Library of Victoria, October 27, 2017. The symposium forms one of the deliverables on the ARC DP Supermarket Power grant. Panellists included senior officials of Coles, Woolworths, ACCC, Australian Shareholders Association, Citi, Australian Dairy Farmers.

Ruth Kharis completed the Sax Institute's 3 day Course; Building Successful Partnerships for Policy Relevant Research in September.