October news about Integration and Implementation Sciences

4 October 2017

Gabriele Bammer has a paper titled  "Strengthening Community Operational Research through Exchange of Tools and Strategic Alliances" accepted for publication in the European Journal of Operational Research.

She was an invited attendee at the International Transdisciplinarity Conference at Leuphana University in Lueneburg, Germany, where she organised an international panel and very successful networking meeting to bridge disparate communities which focus on tackling complex real-world problems.

She then spent two weeks at the National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center (SESYNC) in Annapolis, Maryland, USA. The first week was spent finalising the agenda and participant pre-work for a workshop she is co-organising for March 2018. This will bring together an international group of 20 leaders of interdisciplinary organisations to discuss the incentives and other supports they provide and how they overcome barriers for achieving interdisciplinary research, as well as options for forming an influential leaders group.

The second week was spent at a meeting of a group working on Co-creative capacity. This is one of the three groups for which she is the theme leader.

While she was at SESYNC, the first two videos in a series  "Introduction to socio-environmental synthesis" were released; Gabriele is one of the researchers featured in the second video: SESYNC.org/video.

The I2Insights blog continues to gain momentum, with a growing number of excellent unsolicited contributions. Gabriele also co-authored a blog post with Jen Badham: Sharing mental models is critical for interdisciplinary collaboration by Jen Badham and Gabriele Bammer  https://i2insights.org/2017/09/19/mental-models-and-interdisciplinarity/