RSPH Graduations Listing 11/08/2018

12 July 2018

(From left to right: Dr Brad Carron-Arthur, Dr Dominique Kazan, and Dr Jin Han)




Brad Carron-Arthur PhD Shining a Light:  Active Participation in a Mental Health Internet Support Group
Danielle Butler PHD Area-level Variation in Primary Health Care Service Characteristics and the Modifying Effect on Individual-Level Socioeconomic Variation in Receipt of Care. Potential Avenues for Improving Health Equity
Jin Han PhD Professional Help Seeking for Suicidal Ideation among Chinese and Australian University Students
Dominique Kazan PhD The Impact of Relationship Separation on Suicidality and Mental Health
Yan (Cecilia)  Xu MPHIL Using Data to Answer Questions of Public Health Importance for ACT Health, with an Emphasis on Routinely-Collected Linked Data
Alexandra Marmor MPHIL Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health
Meru Sheel MPHIL Island Dreaming: Applied Epidemiology in the Pacific Region
Angela Cadavid Restrepo PhD A Spatiotemporal Epidemiological Investigation of the Impact of Environmental Change on the Transmission Dynamics of Echinococcus spp. in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, China
Keren Papier PhD Type 2 Diabetes Melitus in Transitional Thailand: Incidence, Risk Factors, Mediators, and implications
Jonathan Malo MPHIL Communicable Disease Applied Epidemiology in Queensland
Siobhan St George MPHIL Applied Epidemiology in communicable Diseases, Victoria, 2016 - 2017