Tampon tax isn't the only 'sexist' part of the GST, with breastfeeding aids and pumps not on the exempt list

12 September 2018

By Annika Blau ABC News published Saturday 11th August 2018. 

The "tampon tax" is in its death throes, but advocates and mothers say there is still more work to be done to take the "sexism" out of the goods and services tax.

Breastfeeding aids like breast pumps, nipple shields and supplemental nursing systems are a key support for mums with feeding troubles or sick or premature babies. They also allow mothers to keep breastfeeding after returning to work, which reduces the baby's and mother's risk of chronic disease and infection.

But unlike other medical aids, they haven't made it onto the GST-free list, where you find health items like condoms, contact lenses, dentures, lube, sunscreens, nicotine patches and even batteries for hearing aids.

Infant formula is GST exempt as a "basic food", a category which is predominantly fresh produce.

"Taxing breastfeeding while fresh food is not subject to GST doesn't make sense," says certified lactation consultant Naomi Drew.

"How much fresher and healthier than breastmilk can you get?"

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