Dr Ian McRae

Research Fellow


Dr Ian McRae is a health economist with a background in statistics and in health administration and health policy. His PhD explored the behaviour of Australian general practitioner pricing and provision of services, and the reaction of the community demand to changes in pricing. Dr McRae has been with APHCRI since 2008 and provides assistance on policy, statistical and economic issues. He works on a range of projects including surveys of patients with chronic illnesses and the evaluation of the ACT nurse-led clinic.

Dr McRae has worked as a statistical advisor in the Australian Bureau of Statistics, undertaken the oversight of labour market programs and health-related programs from the Department of Finance and Administration, and managed the Medicare Benefits Branch in the Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing which involved (among other things) the management of the Medicare Benefits Schedule and the development of policy and management of GP financing issues.


Research interests

  • The workings of the general practice market
  • The role of the health system in managing patients with chronic illness
  • Health economic applications in primary care issues
  • The role of Commonwealth policy settings and the incentives inherent in them in the evolution of the Australian health care system

Current projects

The Serious and Continuing Illness Policy and Practice Study (SCIPPS) 
Current work addresses:

  • analysis of the SCIPPS NSA survey of 2009 which explored the costs faced by older Australians with chronic illness
  • assisting with development and later analysis of the SCIPPS time-use survey to be conducted early 2011.

The Menzies-Nous survey of satisfaction with the Australian health care system 
Analysis and reporting on the Menzies-Nous surveys of satisfaction with the Australian health care system in 2008 and 2010.

Evaluation of the ACT Nurse led clinic

The Effective Policy Implementation Project
Assisting with policy analysis and cost effectiveness studies.

Exploration of the patterns of GP after-hours care 
Using the MABEL data set to answer questions of who provides the after-hours care

Further development of modelling of general practice supply and demand, and publication of papers from earlier research in this field

Recent publications

Please visit Ian's ANU Researchers page for a list of his recent publications.


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