Dr Jane Desborough

DAppScNursing; GDipMid; MPH, PhD
Senior Research Fellow


Jane Desborough is a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Department of Health Services Research and Policy, Research School of Population Health, Australian National University. Jane is a mixed methods researcher, who works closely with patients, clinicians and policy makers to conduct research that is not only responsive to their needs and preferences, but aims to target quality and outcomes improvement.

Jane is currently conducting research that examines the interface between hospitals and primary care. She is working with patients and clinicians to co-create technology-based tools to support patients’ transition across this interface, with the aims of enabling patients to manage their health and to reduce hospital readmission in patients with chronic disease and after interventional procedures.

Jane is a registered nurse and midwife, and has worked clinically in a variety of settings for 25 years, including remote area nursing. Before moving to academia, Jane worked as a Senior Policy Officer at the ACT Health Directorate in the Office of the ACT Chief Nurse


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