Dr Kerri Viney

BNurs, Grad Cert App Epi, MPH, PhD
NHMRC Sidney Sax Research Fellow


Dr Viney is a public health practitioner, consultant and epidemiologist. She is a Sidney Sax Research Fellow (funded by NHMRC) - currently working at the Karolinska Institutet's Department of Public Health Sciences, in Professor Knut Lonnroth's group.

She has a strong professional and research interest in the programmatic management of TB and has worked in TB programmes and services in several countries including in the Pacific, Australia, the United Kingdom, Uganda, Egypt, Cambodia and the Philippines. Originally trained as a Registered Nurse, Kerri has managed TB programmes in Sydney, Australia and in the London Borough of City and Hackney (United Kingdom) where she implemented an innovative model of nurse led case management.

Her research focusses on the programmatic management of TB including the association between TB and diabetes, the role of patient costs in TB prevention and care, social protection and TB, active TB case finding and patient centred TB care. Her focus is on policy relevant research to support the End TB Strategy and global TB elimination efforts.

She is also interested in public health capacity building in low and middle income countries, including operational research training and field epidemiology training programmes.

Dr Viney is a member of the newly formed SPARKS (Social Protection Action Research Knowledge Sharing) network - a collaboration between the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, the Karolinska Institutet and the World Health Organization.

She is also an appointed member of the Stop TB Partnership's Wave 6 Proposal Review Committee, the World Health Organization's TB patient cost survey taskforce and the Australasian Clinical TB Network (ActNet) - Steering Committee.

Dr Viney chairs the Executive Committee of the Australasian TB Forum - a registered health promotion charity who advocate for TB elimination in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region: www.tuberculosisforum.com


Research interests

Dr Kerri Viney's research interests are in tuberculosis (TB) control, including the social determinants of TB, social protection and TB, TB patient costs, the association between TB and diabetes, TB epidemiology and elimination, and patient centred care. She is also interested in public health and research training and capacity building, particularly in low and middle income countries.


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