Emeritus Professor Adrian Sleigh

Emeritus Professor
Building 62, Room 2.49
 +61 2 6125 2145



MD (Monash); MPH (Harvard); DTM&H (London); FRCP (London); MBBS Hons (Monash)


Adrian Sleigh has over 30 years contribution to community medicine and international public health. Expertise includes epidemiology, infectious diseases, public health, impact of large dams, infections of poverty and health-risk transitions. In the past 10 years his expertise has been sought on emerging infections - for WHO (SARS, Hong Kong), AusAID (avian flu, Thailand) and WHO-TDR (malaria and TB, China and Myanmar).

He has lived in the developing world for many years, including long periods in Papua New Guinea and Brazil. He has conducted field work in many other settings, most frequently in Thailand and China. Research over the last 7 years has been primarily focused on the health-risk transition as Thailand moves from infectious diseases and malnutrition to non-communicable diseases, injury and obesity. He has teamed together with Thai and Australian collaborators to develop and consolidate a large multi-faceted national cohort study. This study began in 2004 and has already produced much information and postgraduate training on many aspects of this transition.


Research interests

  • Epidemiology
  • Health information systems (incl. surveillance)
  • Infectious disease transmission and control
  • Health transitions associated with development
  • Health impacts of large dams
  • International cohort studies


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