Associate Professor Cathy Banwell



PhD, MA, BA, DipT


Cathy Banwell completed a MA social anthropology in New Zealand and conducted a PhD in the Department of Community Medicine. She is now an Associate Professor, at National Centre for Epidemiology and Population Health, in the Research School of Population Health.

Her research interests include the socio-cultural contributions to public health; temporal dimensions of health; consumption and risk relating to food, alcohol, tobacco and illicit drug use; reproductive health, family and social issues of women who use illicit drugs or have HCV.

Her most significant contribution to public health research has been to bring social science theories and research methods to the development of explanations for new patterns of epidemiological risks and outcomes, including the rise of obesity in Australia and Thailand.


Research interests

  • Socio-cultural contributors to obesity in Australia and Thailand
  • Women’s reproductive health, family and social issues related to hepatitis C and illicit drug use
  • Dangerous consumptions: the health risks of alcohol, illicit drugs and food
  • The contribution of modern parenting theories to broadly defined health problems
  • Time and health inequalities


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