Associate Professor Darren Gray

NHMRC Research Fellow
Building 62, Room 2.08
 +61 2 6125 8595





Darren Gray – an infectious disease epidemiologist – is Head of the Global Health Division. His current research investigates the transmission and control of the Neglected Tropical Diseases (schistosomiasis, echinococcosis and the soil-transmitted helminths), some of the most prevalent and important parasitic infections that cause much suffering and economic loss worldwide. He aims to develop new public health interventions against these pathogens that will lead to their sustainable control and eventual elimination.


Research interests

Infectious Diseases, Epidemiology, Medical Parasitology, Neglected Tropical Diseases (Schistosomiasis, Echinococcosis, Soil-transmitted Helminths), Randomised Controlled Trials, International and Tropical Health, Global Health


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