Ms Julia Reynolds

BA (Hons) (UWA) MPsych (Clin) (UWA), MAPS, AFBPsS, CPsychol
Clinical Psychologist


Julia has extensive experience in diverse Clinical Psychology roles and has worked in private practice and public sector services for people affected by substance use and major mental health concerns. 

Julia has contributed to the development, evaluation and management of online mental services and contributes clinical expertise the CMHR research program. 

She also has extensive experience in training psychologists and other allied health practitioners in the clinical use of e-mental health resources.


Research interests

Member, Implementation team: ANU Grand Challenges project: Your Health in Your Hands: Future Personalised Medical Technologies for a Sustainable and Effective Healthcare.



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2017   Content design and author: eMHPrac Online Learning Course for Therapists and eMHPrac Online Learning Course for General Health Workers

2016   Content design and author: eMHPrac Exchange information and discussion site for clinicians interested in using e-mental health resources (Now decommissioned, assets transferred to Black Dog Institute site)

2013   Content design and co-author: BeWellTeachWell: UK site to reduce teacher workplace stress

2010   Content design and author: the professional support site for e-hub online services

2008 - 2016 Updated content and research reviews in MoodGYM, e-couch and BluePages

Selected Conference Presentations     

Kyrios, M. and Reynolds J (2017). Workshop: Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Therapies. Applying CBT in the Digital age: e-mental health resources and skills for practitioners. 51st Annual Convention, November 16-19, San Diego.

Reynolds J, Dickens K and Kavanagh D (2016). Workshop: Australian Psychological Society Congress. Using digital mental health technologies in your clinical practice: Practical strategies and ethical considerations. Melbourne, VIC.

Reynolds J. (2016). Australian Psychological Society Congress. Chaired Symposium and delivered paper: Reynolds, Casey, Rehm, Wallace, Poyser, White and Clough. Towards the development of e-MH competencies for psychologists. Melbourne, VIC

Reynolds J. (2016) Invited Early/ Mid-career Plenary. 8thWorld Congress of Behavioural and Cognitive Therapy (WBCBT). Melbourne, VIC

Reynolds J. (2016) Invited: symposium discussant. 8thWorld Congress of Behavioural and Cognitive Therapy (WBCBT). Outcome evaluation in a private practice setting. Melbourne.

Reynolds J. (2016, 2015, 2014, 2012, 2011). Workshops in e-mental health. APS College of Clinical Psychologists National Conferences.

Knight, R., Reynolds, J., Kneebone, I., Pestell C., Conroy, W., Kay, O., & Littlefield, L. (2015). Future of Psychology- Specialist Clinical Psychology Registration: To be or not to be? Panel Forum. 50th APS Annual Golden Jubilee Conference. Gold Coast, QLD.

Reynolds, J. (2014). Convened symposium and presented paper on the use of e-mental health in Australian psychological practice. APS Annual Conference. Hobart, TAS.

Reynolds J. (2013) e-mental health programs in Australia (invited by symposium convenor): 7th World Congress of Behavioural and Cognitive Therapy, Lima, Peru. 

Reynolds J. (2012). Keynote: 1st National APS e-Psychology Conference: Full- day workshop in e-mental health. Brisbane QLD. 

Reynolds J. (2012). Keynote: Private Practice Conference, APS Melbourne Branch. 

Reynolds, J., Christensen, H. and Griffiths, K. (2010). Half-day workshop on the use of e-mental health tools in psychology practice. 27th International Congress of Applied Psychology. Melbourne, VIC.