Helen Benassi

BA/BSc, GDip Psych
PhD Candidate


Helen is undertaking her PhD under a Sir Roland Wilson Scholarship for the Department of Defence. Helen joined Defence in 2005 where she has worked in mental health screening, surveillance and unit climate, epidemiology and personnel selection research. She completed a psychology internship with Defence, registering as a psychologist in 2010. Prior to starting her PhD, Helen was responsible for the coordination of strategic mental health research within Defence and is currently an investigator on the Longitudinal Australian Defence Force (ADF) Study Evaluating Resilience and the Transition and Wellbeing Research Programme.


Research interests

Helen’s research will explore how e-mental health resources support early identification and self-management of mental health in the ADF. Her research will examine stigma and barriers to care, the role of mental health screening as a means of enabling treatment-seeking behaviour and examine the role that technology plays in supporting screening, early intervention, and self-management in a workplace context. Her research interests include: military mental health; help-seeking, stigma and barriers to mental health care; and, military mental health screening.