Dr Susana Vaz Nery

Research Fellow
Building 62A, Room 2.55
 +61 2 6125 0155





I have a multidisciplinary background, combining degrees and experience in biochemistry, neurosciences, health policy and international development, and field epidemiology.

I moved to Canberra in April 2015, after being based in Timor-Leste for almost 3 years. Prior to my affiliation with ANU I have also lived and worked in Angola, Mozambique, Kenya, The Gambia, and Tanzania.

Originally trained as a molecular and cellular biologist, soon after a PhD in Neuroscience (at NYU Medical Centre, awarded in 2003), I began my career on tropical diseases initially becoming an expert in malaria molecular parasitology as a post doc at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM). While based in London, I did malaria research in top African research centres and initiatives: Kenya Medical Research Institute – Wellcome Trust Research Programme (KEMRI-WT, Kilifi, Kenya); Medical Research Council, The Gambia Unit; and the Joint Malaria Programme (based at KCMC – Moshi, Tanzania).

I have experience international development and aid, having worked with Malaria Consortium in Mozambique, specifically on monitoring and evaluation of aid programs, and health policy making and implementation.

Subsequently, in Angola, I was the scientific coordinator of a recently created health research centre (CISA Project): I supervised a team of up to 11 scientific staff, that included MDs and MSc candidates, and up to 40 field workers.  Furthermore, I established the necessary collaborations to set in motion a program covering several lines of research including infectious and non-communicable diseases.

I am an Adjunct Professor at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Porto, Portugal (my home country) since 2010


Research interests

My current interests are malaria and NTDs control and elimination in developing countries. Particularly I am interested in intervention studies that can inform policies for more effective disease control.

Current Projects:

  • In Angola (CISA Project), I am a chief investigator of a study looking at the etiology of diarrhea in children attending hospital and of a study looking at the impact of the distribution of albendazol, bednets and praziquantel on anemia in school aged children.

At ANU, I am currently overseeing a program of research being implemented in Timor-Leste, that includes STH control, dengue spatial epidemiology and drug prescription patterns:

  • WASH for WORMS – I am the scientific coordinator of a cluster randomised controlled trial (NHMRC APP1013713) looking at the impact of an integrated  WASH and mass albendazole distribution program on STH infections
  • Nested in the main trial are 2 cross-sectional studies that I lead: a) Zoonotic transmission of Ascaris and b) Assessment of the variation in environmental enteropathy.
  • (S)WASH for WORMS – I am the principal investigator of a pilot study comparing the impact of school vs community WASH (Gates Grand Challenges Explorations OPP1119041).  In this video I discuss how the funding will help us achieve a reduction in the rate of worm infections in the region. Click to view
  • Other projects that I lead are:
  • Patterns of drug prescription at reference hospitals in Timor-Leste; and
  • Spatial analysis of dengue in Timor-Leste.
  • I am also an associate investigator in a trial assessing the impact of a sanitation intervention on infection with intestinal worms in Indonesia (APP APP1077138), led by Prof. Darren Gray.


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