Using a cartoon video to achieve research impact »

17 Sep 2019
The Magic Glasses

In the right circumstances, a cartoon video can be an effective way to communicate research information. But what’s involved in developing a cartoon video?

Five lessons for early career researchers in interacting with policymakers »

27 Aug 2019
Profile photo of Aparna Lal

Aparna, an early career researcher, presents five lessons learnt from her self-initiated engagement with policy makers.

Managing uncertainty in decision making: What can we learn from economics? »

2 Jul 2019

How can researchers create interested in complex societal and environmental problems best understand and deal with uncertainty, which is an inherent part of the world in which we live?

What you should know about p values »

30 Apr 2019

Have you been taught to look for ‘p < 0.05’ meaning that there is a less than 5% probability that the finding occurred by chance? Do you look askance at your statistician colleagues when they tell you it’s not so simple? Here’s why you need to believe them.

Tracking stakeholder engagement and research impact »

12 Feb 2019

Is there an easy and efficient way to keep track of stakeholder engagement and research impact? My colleagues and I have developed a system with two components: noting engagement and impact soon after they occur and recording them in a way that enables the information to be extracted for whatever purpose is required.

Scatterplots as an interdisciplinary communication tool »

4 Dec 2018

Scatterplots are used in many disciplines, which makes them useful for communicating across disciplines. They are also common in newspapers, online media and elsewhere as a tool to communicate research results to stakeholders, ranging from policy makers to the general public.

A flexible framework for stakeholder engagement »

10 Oct 2018

How can stakeholder engagement in research be effectively planned? What parameters need to be taken into account? How can flexibility be built in to accommodate different levels of researcher and stakeholder experience?

A checklist for documenting knowledge synthesis »

31 Jul 2018

How do you write-up the methods section for research synthesizing knowledge from different disciplines and stakeholders to improve understanding about a complex societal or environmental problem?

Sharing mental models is critical for interdisciplinary collaboration »

17 Sep 2017

What is a mental model? How do mental models influence interdisciplinary collaboration? What processes can help tease out differences in mental models?

Six lessons about change that affect research impact »

18 Oct 2016

What do researchers need to know about change to help our research have greater impact? What kind of impact is it realistic to expect? Will understanding change improve the ways we assess research impact?