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CRAHW conducts a range of research projects investigating better ways to assess, manage and improve health and wellbeing over the lifespan. If you have an interest in contributing to research on brain health, driving and ageing, work wellbeing, mental health, substance use, or dementia care, you may be interested in participating in research projects conducted by CRAHW, DCRC and CEPAR. All listed projects have been reviewed and approved by the ANU Human Research Ethics Committee prior to being listed here.

Current projects open for research participation
Project name Description Eligibility criteria Contact
Effects of exercise and non-invasive brain stimulation on learning

Exploring the effect of high intensity exercise on learning in middle-aged healthy adults, and whether the effect can be increased using brain stimulation.

Aged between 45 and 55 years old.


No known neurological and psyciatric illness, or history of traumatic brain injury.


Able to undertake high intensity exercise.


Note: Participants will be screened prior to involvement to ensure they are eligible to take part.

Dr Sophie Andrews