Our research groups focus on specialist areas of population health. Read more about their research projects and members.

Biostatistics and Data Analytics »

The Biostatistics and Data Analytics Hub (BDA) members undertake analysis using the best methods for study design, observation, and analysis.

Cognitive ageing & dementia »

Our research focusses on describing the course of cognitive development from young adulthood into old age, identifying factors that moderate the trajectory of cognitive development and decline and the impact of cognitive ageing on everyday functions.

Driving »

Driving is a way of life in Australia, often necessitated by our geography and public transport systems. It is estimated that approximately 99.3% of males and 89.9% of females aged 65+ are licensed drivers.

Environment, Climate and Health »

Our research examines how environmental exposures affect health and disease.

Healthy ageing »

The healthy ageing stream uses a life-span developmental approach to investigate and promote physical and mental wellbeing in older adulthood.

Infectious disease epidemiology and modelling »

This theme applies multidisciplinary approaches to emerging issues in communicable diseases.

Integration and Implementation sciences »

Integration and Implementation Sciences (I2S) is a new discipline providing concepts and methods for conducting research on complex, real-world problems.

Lived Experience Research Unit »

This unit focuses on promoting greater consumer involvement in research content and practice by serving as a bridge between consumers and researchers.

Mental health and wellbeing »

The Mental Health and Wellbeing group focuses on the psycho-social-behavioural factors that impact on individuals’ mental health and wellbeing across the lifespan.

Mental Health Policy Unit »

This unit focuses on decision support systems in health and social policy.

Neuroimaging & brain lab »

The NeuroImaging & Brain Lab (NIMBL) is particularly interested in investigating the associations between the influence of health and environmental factors on brain ageing throughout the adult lifespan and to determine how difference and change in cerebral structure relate to behaviour and cognition.

Prevention, Promotion and Educational Systems Unit »

This unit focuses on the prevention of anxiety, depression and suicide and the promotion of help-seeking in educational systems.

Rural Mental Health Research Group »

This research group focuses on the mental health of people living in regional, rural and remote areas in Australia.

Social gerontology »

The social gerontology stream researches how social relationships, psychological resources and personality characteristics are related to health, wellbeing and cognition in older adulthood.

Society, culture & health »

Bringing and building social science theory to understand the social and cultural determinants of health, how society produces health and the lived experience.

Translational e-Mental Health Unit »

This unit focuses on the importance and quality of health information on the Internet and disseminating information on mental health.

Visual and Decision Analytics lab (VIDEA)  »

The Visual and Decision Analytics (VIDEA) lab is a research infrastructure and organisation to enable and facilitate decision making in mental health policy.