Environmental Epidemiology

Current research focuses on the risks and benefits to human health of sun exposure. To quantify these risks we seek to define better measurements of exposure and use traditional epidemiology to link exposure with health and disease. The research program has a specific interest in environmental influences on the immune system and immune disorders, and in framing better evidence-based messages on optimal sun exposure.


The Environmental Epidemiology research program works closely with:

  • The D-Light Showcase Program at the Telethon Kids Institute (Perth), including:
    • Professor Prue Hart (Telethon Kids)
    • Dr Shelley Gorman (Telethon Kids)
    • Dr Lucinda Black (Curtin University)
    • Dr Michael Clarke (University of Western Australia)
    • Professor Trevor Mori (University of Western Australia)
    • Emeritus Professor Lawrie Beilin (University of Western Australia)
  • Cancer Council WA, including:
    • Mr Terry Slevin
    • Mr Mark Strickland
  • The United Nations Environment Program Environmental Effects Assessment Panel, particularly the health chapter:
    • A/Prof Rachel Neale
    • Prof Antony Young (University College, London)
    • Prof Frank de Gruijl (University of Leiden, Netherlands)
    • Emeritus Prof Mary Norval (Edinburgh University)
  • Murdoch Childrens Research Institute
    • Prof Anne-Louise Ponsonby
    • Dr Angela Pezic
  • Commonwealth Department
    • Dr Fan Xiang
  • University of Waterloo
    • Professor Glenville Jones
  • The international Vitamin D Standardisation Program, led by Dr Chris Sempos (NIH)
  • Dr Caradee Wright, Environment and Health Research Unit, South African Medical Research Council