Epidemiology for Policy and Practice

 Epidemiology Policy and Practice


The Epidemiology for Policy and Practice (EPP) group conducts innovative large-scale research on chronic disease, variation in health and healthcare and disadvantaged populations. Work focuses on using large-scale data to identify potentially modifiable factors affecting individual and population health in different settings and to quantify their effects, to inform improvements in health and health care.

The group’s work aims to generate reliable large-scale quantitative evidence on targets for intervention, in partnership with policymakers, practitioners, and community, and to inform implementation to improve health and healthcare – ultimately supporting big data as ‘business as usual’. It uses a systems- and team-based approach to conducting large-scale research, maximising its quality, effectiveness, efficiency and reach. The group interfaces with local and national collaborators for a range of specific projects, with a focus on the generation of policy and practice relevant evidence.

The EPP group makes use of emerging and established data resources, such as the 45 and Up Study, Longitudinal Study of Indigenous Children, ABS nationally representative health and social surveys, Study of Environment on Aboriginal Resilience and Child Health (SEARCH), and Seeding Success and serves as a repository of expertise in the use of these data.

EPP Group convenes three courses: Fundamentals of Epidemiology, Biostatistics in Population Health and Population Health Honours. In addition, the group collaborates with a wide range of researchers to develop and produce the Research Practice Resource which aims to fill a gap in training for practical research skills.

EPP is led by Professor Emily Banks, a public health physician and epidemiologist. She is  Scientific Director of the 45 and Up Study, Deputy Chair of the NHMRC Alcohol Working Group, a member of the Research and Data Advisory Group Cancer Australia and Heart Foundation Research Committee and a Visiting Professor at Oxford University. Prof Banks and EPP are supported by the Research Management team and the Data Coordination and Access Team.



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