Society, culture & health

Social, cultural and behavioural determinants of health


The Society, culture and health research group is co-led by Professor Lyndall Strazdins, A/Professor Cathy Banwell, Dr Anna Olsen and Dr Liana Leach

Bringing and building social science theory to understand the social and cultural determinants of health, how society produces health and the lived experience.

The Society, Culture and Health theme contributes new thinking using social science theory to the social and cultural determinants of health. We seek to understand how health is experienced and produced within an ecological public health framework. Much of our research incorporates a focus on health inequalities and questions of health equity.

Our members – who are drawn from sociology, anthropology, epidemiology, economics and psychology – employ novel combinations of qualitative and quantitative methods as part of their own research projects as well as contributing to cross-disciplinary approaches to research within RSPH.



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