ACACIA: The ACT Consumer and Carer Mental Health Research Unit

Get involved: Consumer and carer priorities survey 2017

We are looking for people identifying as mental health consumers or carers to complete a 20-30 minute online survey to rate the priority of research topics generated by consumers and carers, and suggest new research topics of your own.

Who are we?

ACACIA is the ACT’s Consumer and Carer Mental Health Research Unit. We were established in 2013 with funding from ACT Health.

Our purpose

We aim to undertake research which is relevant to and benefits the lives of mental health consumers and carers in the ACT. All of our research is conducted in partnership with consumers and carers. Our staff members and students are mental health consumers or carers with academic expertise and qualifications. ACACIA also has an Advisory Group comprising local consumers and carers as well as the heads of the key ACT consumer and carer organisations. We work together with ACT consumers and carers to conduct research on the issues that are important to the ACT consumer and carer community.

Why the name ACACIA?

ACACIA takes its name from the Acacia or Wattle blossom and is intended to symbolise the diversity of the consumer and carer experience.  There are over 1300 different species of ACACIA around the world1. Similarly, those who are touched by mental illness can come from any age group, culture, religion, and political, socio-economic or educational background.