Multidisciplinary perspectives on change

Change happens all the time, so why is driving particular change generally so hard? Why are the outcomes often unpredictable? Are some types of change easier to achieve than others? Are some techniques for achieving change more effective than others? Why is even stopping change not easy?

Knowledge about change is fragmented and there is nowhere in the academic or practice worlds that provides comprehensive answers to these and other questions. Every discipline and area has only a partial view and we do not even have a map of those different perspectives. And, it is no one’s business to pull together the range of diverse understandings.

This project gathered a variety of perspectives from the academic and practice worlds. Eighteen disciplinary experts and practitioners participated, covering advertising, advocacy, anthropology, art, conservation-restoration, demography, economics, education, evolutionary biology, industry, international relations, organisational change, philosophy, politics, psychiatry, security-related intelligence, sociology, and sustainability science. A book is currently being finalised.

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