Mental health and wellbeing

Mental health and wellbeing

A major focus of the School is population mental health and wellbeing from a translational, collaborative and implementation research perspective.

This focus includes conducting systems research, epidemiological studies and complex intervention research that monitor and track development of mental disorders and wellbeing over time as well as studies on social determinants, mental health services and policy.

We develop and test innovative approaches to eMHealth, mapping and decision support systems to improve prevention, assessment, treatment and recovery for mental disorders and suicidal behaviours, as well as for guiding policy decision making. We also examine psychosocial, biological, genetic, lifestyle and physical risk factors for common mental disorders and suicide risk. 


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Project Status
Integration and Implementation Insights blog (i2Insights blog) Current
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander research Potential
ACACIA: The ACT Consumer and Carer Mental Health Research Unit Current
ADF mental health and wellbeing Current
Ageing-in-Place for People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Current
Assessing mental health Current
Atlas of Mental Health Care Current
Attitudes to suicide Current
Beacon: Directory of evidence-based online programs Current
Breaking the ice Completed
Canberra Longitudinal Study Current
Community-based programs for post-conflict recovery Potential
Drug and alcohol research Potential
Early onset mental disorders and education disruption Current
Epidemiology of suicidal behaviour Current
FitMindKit Current
Flourishing and languishing Current
GoodNight Completed
Health services in complex emergencies Potential
iChill Current
ImpleMentAll Current
Intervention development, implementation and evaluation Potential
Issues in the development, evaluation, and implementation of e-mental health programs Potential
Job strain and wellbeing Current
LifeSpan: Integrated Suicide Prevention Current
Lived experience research Potential
Long term person-centred outcomes in cancer survivors Potential
Measuring mental distress and access to services in the Kashmir Valley, India Current
Mental health across the transition to parenthood Current
Mental health burden Current
Mental health measures Potential
Mental health measures Potential
Mental health of university students Potential
Mental health policy Potential
Mental health services research and evaluation Potential
Methamphetamine use in the ACT
MindCast PodCast Current
Mobile Mental Self-Awareness Current
Older people and chronic mental illness Current
Outcomes of primary healthcare use for depression and anxiety Completed
Partners in Recovery Current
Partners' leave and mothers' mental health during the postnatal period Potential
Pharmaceutical opioid use and related adverse outcome among older Australians Current
ProYouth OZ Current
Screening for suicidality and distress in young people Current
Sexual health and behaviour Current
Silence is Deadly Current
Social fragmentation and mental disorders Current
Sources of Strength Australia Current
Stigma reduction Current
Suicide risk Current
Sustainable Farms Initiative Current
Symptom profiles of methamphetamine users Current
System thinking approach to evidence informed mental health care Current
Thai Health-Risk Transition Project Current
The Way Back Monitoring Evaluation Current
Uni virtual clinic Current
Wellbeing expectancies and values Current
Work and mental health Current
Work Well Being Current
Y-Worri Current
YouthMood Completed