Social, cultural and behavioural determinants of health

Social, cultural and behavioural determinants of health

Social science theories and methods help illuminate the causes of health and health inequalities linked to social processes, power differences and the distribution of resources.

We seek to understand how health and social change is experienced and produced throughout the lifecourse in individuals and in populations.

Multi-disciplinary teams conduct interventions and observational research on showing the social processes influencing poor health, health behaviours and behavioural change strategies to improve health. 


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Project Status
(S)WASH-D for WORMS Current
A framing and discourse analysis of media and policy reports on Australia’s response to the Ebola crisis in 2013 –14. Potential
Absolute Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) risk and implementation Current
Adolescent time pressure and impact on health and health behaviour Potential
Ageing Health and Wellbeing in China and India Current
Ageing in China and Australia: Promoting health, productivity and wellbeing Current
Ageing-in-Place for People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Current
Alcohol and other drug use and domestic and family violence Potential
Assessing mental health Current
Atlas of Mental Health Care Current
Attitudes to suicide Current
Attitudes, ageing & intergenerational relations Current
Breaking the ice Completed
Cancer survivorship Potential
Cancer survivorship: large-scale data on person-centred outcomes Current
Caregiving among older persons in Asia Potential
Chronic disease and healthy ageing for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, including tobacco Current
Combined effect of statins and blood-pressure-lowering medications in people without established cardiovascular disease: a meta-analysis of RCTs. Potential
CVD risk, prevention and implementation Current
Early onset mental disorders and education disruption Current
Employment and mental health during the postnatal period Potential
Epidemiology of suicidal behaviour Current
Exploring the Potential of Justice Reinvestment in Cowra - Community Report Completed
Health impacts of tobacco Potential
Health of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children Potential
Large-scale data to improve Aboriginal child health: seeding success and beyond Current
Lifestyle influences of healthy ageing and chronic disease: Longitudinal predictors Current
Long term person-centred outcomes in cancer survivors Potential
Mayi Kuwayu: the National Study of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Wellbeing Current
Media messaging about Mr Fluffy Potential
Medical students' attitudes to people who use drugs Potential
Medications - Patterns of utilisation, Psychoactive drugs, CVD preventative medications Potential
Mental health across the transition to parenthood Current
Meta-analysis of factors affecting adherence to lipid-lowering and blood-pressure-lowering pharmacotherapies for the primary prevention of cardiovascular disease. Potential
Methamphetamine use in the ACT
Multiple Sclerosis Vitamin D Metabolites Study Current
National Survey of Attitudes to cognitive health and lifestyle Current
Pharmacists provision of harm reduction service to people who use illicit drugs Potential
PhoCIS Study (led at Telethon Kids Institute) Current
PrevANZ Study (led at University of Melbourne) Current
Productive Ageing in Australia and Asia Current
Smoking among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander adults: health impacts, associated factors, and trends over time Current
Social security systems in relation to healthcare cost and utilisation, health status, and health behaviours in different populations in China and Australia Current
Socioeconomic determinants of health and wellbeing across the life course: Australian and English comparisons Current
Socioeconomic inequalities in the utilisation of cardiac procedures following major cardiovascular disease events. Potential
Sources of Strength Australia Current
Study of Environment on Aboriginal Resilience and Child Health Current
Sustainable Farms Initiative Current
Thai Health-Risk Transition Project Current
The Ausimmune and AusLong Studies Current
The effectiveness, acceptability and cost effectiveness of the 'BALatrine' Current
The Magic Glasses Research Programme Current
Uni virtual clinic Current
Variation in CVD risk, incidence, care and outcomes Current
Variation in fatal burden of disease, preventive CVD care and end-of-life care Current
Variations in Health Service Use Potential
Views of restaurant chefs about food safety Potential
WASH for WORMS Current
Work and mental health Current
Work intensity and health Potential
Work, family life stressors and Common Mental Disorders in Australia Current
Working longer, staying healthy and keeping productive Current
Young adults: work, study and wellbeing Potential