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A framing and discourse analysis of media and policy reports on Australia’s response to the Ebola crisis in 2013 –14.
A review of global efforts to eliminate Lymphatic Filariasis (LF) and control soil-transmitted helminths (STH)
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander alcohol and tobacco control
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander chronic disease management models
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander research
Adolescent time pressure and impact on health and health behaviour
Alcohol and other drug use and domestic and family violence
An assessment of TB patient costs in Solomon Islands
An assessment of TB patient costs in Timor Leste
An assessment of the experience of international students diagnosed with TB in Australia
An examination of the longitudinal changes in sulci morphology associated with ageing.
Application of latent class analysis to longitudinal ageing data to identify individuals at risk of brain atrophy.
Assessment of the efficacy of Albendazole for the treatment of soil transmitted helminths in Timor-Leste
Breast cancer and disability
Cancer survivorship
Cardiovascular Disease - Risk Factors, Care, Incidence, Outcome (disability, income, work status)
Caregiving among older persons in Asia
Censoring rates in survival analysis
Clostridium difficile: Assessing the risks to Australia
Colorectal cancer and disability
Combined effect of statins and blood-pressure-lowering medications in people without established cardiovascular disease: a meta-analysis of RCTs.
Community-based programs for post-conflict recovery
Cost-effectiveness analysis of the WASH for WORMS trial, Timor-Leste.
Developing methods and capacity for monitoring and evaluation of health programs in complex settings.
Diagnostics in generalised linear mixed models