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Health services in complex emergencies.
Hookworm infections and anaemia: a literature review accounting for malaria endemicity
Information criteria in survival analysis
Investigation of household clustering of soil-transmitted infections in Timor-Leste
Investigation of the impact of the caloric content of alcohol intake on brain ageing.
Lived experience research
Long term person-centred outcomes in cancer survivors
Mathematical modelling of norovirus
Measuring perinatal mortality through triangulation of data from various sources in selected districts of Indonesia
Media messaging about Mr Fluffy
Medical students' attitudes to people who use drugs
Medications - Patterns of utilisation, Psychoactive drugs, CVD preventative medications
Mental health measures
Mental health measures
Mental health policy
Mental health services research and evaluation
Meta-analysis of factors affecting adherence to lipid-lowering and blood-pressure-lowering pharmacotherapies for the primary prevention of cardiovascular disease.
New uses of meta-analysis
Pharmacists provision of harm reduction service to people who use illicit drugs
Preventive therapy for tuberculosis among people with diabetes
Risk factors and mortality in the Thai Cohort Study
Services for domestic and sexual violence survivors in complex emergencies
Small area estimation of health outcomes
Social engagement and workforce participation among cancer survivors.
Socioeconomic inequalities in the utilisation of cardiac procedures following major cardiovascular disease events.