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Multiple causes of death and their contribution to population attributable fractions.
Multiple imputation algorithms for dealing with longitudinal panel data
New uses of meta-analysis
Pharmacists provision of harm reduction service to people who use illicit drugs
Preventive therapy for tuberculosis among people with diabetes
Prostate cancer and disability
Risk factors and mortality in the Thai Cohort Study
Services for domestic and sexual violence survivors in complex emergencies
Small area estimation of health outcomes
Social engagement and workforce participation among cancer survivors.
Socioeconomic inequalities in the utilisation of cardiac procedures following major cardiovascular disease events.
The impact of physical functioning impairment and caregiving on social inclusion, quality of life and workforce participation among older Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians.
Uptake and sustainability of sanitation interventions in Timor-Leste: a mixed-methods case study
Use and safety of opioids in the Australian population
Use of Bayseain networks to identify risk factors associated with worm infections
Use of recursive conditioning approaches to identify risk factors associated with worm infections
Variations in Health Service Use
Views of restaurant chefs about food safety
Work intensity and health
Young adults: work, study and wellbeing
Zoonotic Ascaris in Timor-Leste