The School enjoys a strong collegial leadership with a number of Committees supporting the School's Director.


The School is governed by a number of Committees whose primary role is to advise the School's Director on strategic and operational matters.

School's Committees Flowchart illustrating the School's Committees
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Gender Equity
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Research School of Population Health Executive Committee

The RSPH Executive Committee is the governing body of the School and it is composed of all the School's executive members. The Committee advises the School Director on the following matters:

  • the operations of the School, including administration, space and infrastructure
  • management of the School's finances, including budget planning
  • implementation of, and compliance with ANU and relevant external policies and procedures
  • any other matter referred to it by the School Director
  • management of the School's human resources
  • may not discuss/advise on a matter relating soley to a particular person.

Research School of Population Health Education Committee

The RSPH Education Committee is the main Teaching and Learning (T&L) Committee for the School. It is responsible for setting the School's strategy for T&L developments, promoting T&L excellence, monitoring progress, developing proposals and providing advice to the RSPH Executive Committee in relation to teaching programs, quality assurance, staffing and resources, and marketing.

Research School of Population Health Research Committee

The RSPH Research Committee advisea the School Director and the School Executive Committee on research strategic planning and mechanisms for fostering research excellence across the School.

Research School of Population Health Gender Equity Committee

The RSPH Gender Equity Committee develops and oversees the implementation of strategies and polices relating to gender equity within the School.

Other committees

  • Research School of Population Health Student Committee
  • Research School of Population Health Workplace Health & Safety Committee