Advances on Developmental Disorders: From Research to Policy and Practice

What are the policy and practice implications of the advances of research in developmental disorders?

Over 3% of Australian have a developmental disorder. These conditions are associated to significant problems in the physical and mental health and have a major impact in cares and society.

Major changes and improvements have happened during recent years including the release of new classification of developmental disorders in the WHO international classification of diseases (ICD-11); the advances in the genomics of autistic spectrum disorders and intellectual disabilities; or the progress in new interventions and policies.

This International workshop will provide an update on several of these developments and revise their implications for Australia.


Who should attend?

  • University academic staff, professional staff and students
  • Government and non-government policy makers and advisors, staff and students
  • Australian Healthcare & Hospitals Association



For more information and to register follow the link below (places are limited!)