A Course on Classification and Mapping of Health Care Ecosystems

Mental Health Ecosystem Maps: How to build and use them for better decision making?

Atlases of health are key tools for advanced policy planning. In Australia the mental health system has been mapped for half the population. How was this done and how can it help drive better evidence-informed decision making? This course will tell you how.

The first session of this course is designed to provide participants with knowledge and skills in an ecosystem approach to the analysis of mental health care systems. In the second session, participants will learn how to use the Description, Evaluation and Classification of Services for Long Term Care (DESDE-LTC) instrument in the assessment of mental health services. This is critical to permit local, regional and international comparisons. The last session will take a place of practical exercises on mapping of mental health services using DESDE-LTC system.

This course will be delivered by the key Australian experts with practical, on the ground experience in gathering and mapping the data necessary to build useful maps and understand mental health ecosystems.


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