High output writing or shut-up and write?

Brian Martin and Cally Guerin will describe two different methods for increasing your writing output. Brian will describe the High Output Writing programme (HOP) based on the research of Robert Boice and Tara Gray. Cally will describe the Shut-up and Write method, one of several tried-and-true group writing methods successfully used at ANU and elsewhere.

The aim of the seminar is to introduce you to these two methods and to give you an opportunity to decide which one is most likely to work for you and your circumstances. Both will also provide information about communities of practice that you can join or form to bolster your writing resolve.

More information about the HOP programme and group writing methods, along with other writing resources is available here (note you must be ANU staff or student to access these resources).

About Brian Martin

Brian Martin is Emeritus Professor of Social Sciences at the University of Wollongong. He is the author of 20 books and hundreds of articles on scientific controversies, nonviolent action, whistleblowing, education and other topics.

About Cally Guerin

Dr Cally Guerin has been teaching, researching and publishing in researcher education since 2008. Her current role in the Researcher Development team at ANU provides opportunities to work with both HDRs and supervisors in establishing successful research writing practices. She is a founding co-editor of the DoctoralWriting blog.