Research impact and workforce exchange

Please join Ginny and Helen to hear more about the PHXchange (Population Health Exchange). This is a core project of the Research School of Population Health that is leading a body of work to embed capabilities for engagement with stakeholders, increase opportunities for impactful research, effective research translation and demonstrating research impact.

You will hear about the progress in developing the priorities and activities of the PHXchange, and what has been collectively achieved over the last 12 months. You will get an update on what the PHXchange has to offer you, and have the opportunity to contribute to its path over the next 12 months.

About Ginny

Ginny joined RSPH to lead the implementation of the PHXchange in July 2019. Ginny brings her expertise in leading collaborations that involve many sectors to solve complex problems. Ginny works with a broad range of stakeholders, including the community, health service consumers, government and non-government organisations and national and state governments and her research includes working to improve the translation of evidence into policy and practice. To achieve impact through solving complex problems, Ginny applies her expertise in a variety of disciplinary approaches, qualitative and quantitative research methods, including: using co-production and other Implementation Science approaches; evaluating programs and communication approaches; developing and conducting large surveys; and conducting interviews and focus groups with a variety of participants and stakeholders

Ginny has extensive experience in population health research including: evaluation of government programs and policy; designing, implementing, and evaluating preventive health strategies and health promotion interventions, including prevention of chronic diseases associated with obesity.

About Helen

Helen is PHXchange’s Implementation Coordinator, on secondment from ACT Health’s Preventive and Population Health Division. She has previously worked with and for a variety of NGO’s including heading two national advocacy organisations. Helen has extensive experience in designing, implementing and evaluating population health promotion interventions in a variety of government settings. She is passionate about connecting ideas, people, sectors and institutions.  Brokering partnerships to achieve systems change is a particular area of interest. Helen has also made it her mission to get her head (partly) around Office 365, and if anyone is keen to upskill she is happy to share.