Tensions Between Research and Activism

Image of Kamalini Lokuge and Dorothy Broom

In this seminar we will hear from Dorothy and Kamalini about their experiences connecting research with activism, especially how they navigated the difficult terrain of conventional academic beliefs about the nature of research, and the risks of taking overtly partisan action.

Their presentations will be followed by discussion which will include opportunities to share your experiences, as well as raising questions.

The RSPH PHXchange (Population Health eXchange) aims is to complement existing strengths in RSPH by building a system that supports researchers to have, and demonstrate their, impact on population health.  

This is the fifth in a series of seminars organised by the PHXchange that focus on impact and engagement within the School. The aim is to share frameworks, tools and experience, to improve capacity and capability for research impact and engagement across the School. 

About the speakers

Dorothy Broom studied the social relations of gendered health, politics, and services for over thirty years. Her activism was forged in the Whitlam era of progressive social change, and the subsequent conservative resistance to those changes. She also has been concerned with potential threats to public health from international trade agreements. 
Kamalini Lokuge has provided medical care and epidemiological services over the last two decades in a range of humanitarian emergencies, giving her a unique perspective on implementation research priorities in such settings.