Using Social Marketing to Improve Mental Healthcare

Co-creation & Data Co-Op* for Health and Wellbeing

*A data co-op is a group organised for sharing data from online consumers between two or more organisations

DAY 1: 9:00am - 4:30pm Wednesday 25 September

Co-design of decision-making tools and responsible data sharing for health and social policy experts and decision-makers


DAY 2: 9:00am - 3:00pm Thursday 26 September

Co-creation of digital tools and data sharing insights for health and well-being

Co-design and co-creation have become the major drivers of innovation in designing new mental health services...

          ....Learn from two of Australia's leaders in social marketing.

Our workshop will explain the concepts and phases of development in co-creation and how combining that with sophisticated data analysis enables the development of leading-edge decision-making tools to support health and well-being in the community.


Learning Objectives Day 1:

  • To understand and use co-creation and co-design in the development and implementation of decision support tools for evidence informed planning and management
  • To understand and appreciate the benefits and challenges of responsible data sharing

Learning Objectives Day 2:

  • To understand and use co-creation and co-design in the development and implementation of apps and digital health for consumers and carers
  • To appreciate the power of data sharing for social good

Who should attend?

  • Health, disability and social service policy decision makers, planners, service providers and stakeholders
  • Managers needing to understand the risk management associated with data sharing
  • Non-government and community sector professionals working in health and social services
  • Data specialists wanting to better understand the application of data sharing and use of digital mapping tools to address health and social challenges in the community
  • University academic staff, professional staff and students
  • Anyone with an interest in national digital health projects and e-tools

Registration is essential for this event


Full Workshop: Day 1 & Day 2 - $450 incl. GST

Day 1 only: $250 Incl. GST (Includes morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea)

Day 2 only: $250 Incl. GST (Includes morning tea, lunch)



Download full program here updated 17 Sept.