August report for Infectious Disease Epidemiology and Modelling

5 August 2020

Keynote and invited presentations

Danielle Ingle was invited to talk at the ASM Hour Symposium on 'Multidrug resistant Shigella circulating in Australia'.

Outreach and engagement

Meru Sheel has completed a 9-week deployment for COVID19 response with WHO Papua New Guinea.

Meru Sheel is also a panellist on ‘COVIDSafe four weeks in’, a discussion hosted by the HMI project at ANU, and the Australian Academy of Science. The panel, chaired by Prof. Seth Lazar (Philosophy, ANU), will also feature Dr Katherine Kemp (Law, UNSW), Assoc. Prof. James Wood (Epidemiology, UNSW) and Assoc. Prof. Vanessa Teague (Thinking CyberSecurity).

Media releases/interest

Meru Sheel has provided comments and featured in a number of recent media reports:

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  2. ABC, 24 July 2020, ‘The Drum Friday’, (
  3. The Guardian, 13 April 2020, ‘How long will Australia have social distancing? I'm an epidemiologist and the truth is, nobody knows’, (
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  7. The Conversation, 12 May 2020, ‘Contact tracing apps are vital tools in the fight against coronavirus. But who decides how they work?’, (
  8. 3CR Community Radio, 23 March 2020, ‘Women on the Line - "Working together (and staying apart) during COVID-19"’, (
  9. Power 94.9FM - More from Breakfast with Andy & Kaley, (
  10. KNX1070 NewsRadio, 5 May 2020, ‘KNX In Depth: just when you think you get to know a coronavirus it mutates, should plastic surgeries count as elective procedures and how they controlled the outbreak Down Under’, (
  11. Devex, February 2020, ‘Is the Pacific ready for coronavirus?’, (

Papers accepted/published:

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