December report for Data Analysis for Population Health Hub

2 December 2020

RSPH workshops and seminars

DAPH Hub seminar on mixed methods research (5th Nov), presented by the Society Culture and Health Group, was well attended. The video recording is available on the webpage under the resources section. See:

Planning for next year is underway. We are aiming to kick off 2021 with a show-and-tell type of seminar in Feb. If you can think of something that would fit, please email

Relevant methodological papers accepted/published:

Thurber KA, Strengths-based approaches for quantitative data analysis: A case study using the Australian Longitudinal Study of Indigenous Children. SSM - Population Health 12 (2020) 100637
Strengths-based approaches can enable a more positive story to be told, without altering statistical rigour. Potentially applicable to other research areas as well!


Two R-packages released by Ben O’Neill on CRAN (Comprehensive R Archive Network)
stat.extend (8 October 2020): includes functions that compute Highest Density Regions (HDRs) for a range of probability distributions, and optimal confidence intervals for some important inference problems

- ts.extend (14 November 2020): includes probability functions for ARMA time-series models (a popular type of time-series model) and also includes functions for the analysis and detection of periodic signals in time-series data.