Dr Alison Calear to evaluate the Silence is Deadly program

11 April 2017

Congratulations to Dr Alison Calear who was awarded a Rotary Grant to evaluate the Silence is Deadly program. The Menslink’s Silence is Deadly campaign is in its fifth year with students in over 50 schools receiving its valuable messages. Menslink visit schools to talk to boys of all ages about the hassles of life and make sure they: talk to their friends about issues in their life, assist friends if they’re going through tough times, and get professional help if they need it.

Evaluation of the program will also be undertaken with Michael Aichholzer, Education Program Coordinator at Menslink. Dr Calear will be conducting a trial with 8 schools in the ACT region (approx. 800 students) to evaluate the effect of the Silence is Deadly program on help-seeking attitudes, intentions and behaviour.