March report for Infectious Disease Epidemiology and Modelling

3 March 2021

Good news

Brett Lidbury is now a part-time member of the AusImmune team, based with the Florey Institute in Melbourne.

New grants/funding

The contract for our consultancy with Food Standards Australia New Zealand: “Provision of the annual cost of foodborne illness in Australia” has now been signed, and Katie Glass and Angus McLure have had a preliminary meeting with FSANZ.

Papers accepted/published:

  1. Allen K, Parry AE, Glass K. (2021) Early epidemiological parameters of the COVID-19 pandemic; a systematic review. Western Pacific Surveillance and Response. (in press, accepted February 2021).
  2. Chhim S, Piola P, Housen T, Herbreteau V, Tol B. (2021) Malaria in Cambodia: A Retrospective Analysis of a Changing Epidemiology 2006–2019. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. 18(4):1960.