May report for Epidemiology for Policy and Practice

5 May 2021

Good news

Joyce Zhang submitted their PhD!

New grants/funding

Dr Ellie Paige and team have been awarded the Ian Potter Foundation Grant.

RSPH workshops and seminars

The CVD Implementation team delivered a Racism and Clinical Algorithms seminar and workshop last fortnight; they had robust discussion with participants across disciplines. They will continue working with attendees going forward on developing discourse around racism and implications for CVD risk assessment. Feedback from participants is welcome. Next steps also include engaging Heart Foundation working groups and other external stakeholders through future forums.

Outreach and engagement

The next version of CVD risk management guidelines are being updated. The Heart Foundation has contracted Dr Ellie Paige and team to conduct this work.

Professor Emily Banks led the submission of a Synergy Grant application with a focus on Lung Cancer. The Synergy Grant comprises of researchers at the University of Queensland, University of Sydney, and colleagues from Canada.

The CVD Implementation Team (Agostino, Wong, Timothy) continues to work with data custodians including NPS, AIHW, POLAR/AURORA and PenCS to enable us to identify potential case study sites for their second objective. They are also presenting to Thiitu Tharrmay this month on their methods for stratifying services for case studies.

Andrea Timothy and Jason Agostino delivered a lecture and workshop on Racism and Privilege for undergraduate students in the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health course.

Papers accepted/published:

1. The CVD risk communication toolkit has been published on the Department of Health website

2. Weber MF, Sarich P, Vaneckova P, Wade S, Egger S, Ngo P, Joshy G, David Goldsbury, Yap S, Feletto E, Vassallo A, Laaksonen MA, Grogan P, O’Connell DL, Banks E, Canfell K. Cancer incidence and cancer death in relation to tobacco smoking in a population-based Australian cohort study of 229,028 participants. Int J Ccancer 2021 (Accepted 29 April 2021)

3. Thandrayen J, Joshy G, Stubbs J, Bailey L, Butow P, Koczwara B, Laidsaar-Powell R, Rankin N, Beckwith K, Soga K, Yazidjoglou A, Shahdaat Bin Sayeed M, Canfel K, Banks E. Workforce participation in relation to cancer diagnosis, type and stage: Australian population-based study of 163,556 middle-aged people. Journal of Cancer Survivorship 2021 (Accepted 7 April 2021).

4. Bin Sayeed MS, Joshy G, Paige E, Banks E, Rorda J. Cardiovascular disease subtypes, physical disability and workforce participation: A cross-sectional study of 163,562 middle-aged Australians. PLoS ONE 2021 16(4): e0249738. (Published 8 Apr 2021)