Population ageing and Australia's future

16 November 2016

Population Ageing and Australia's Future is a new book, launched at the Academy of Social Sciences Annual (ASSA) Symposium on Tuesday 8 November. It was described by ASSA's President Glenn Withers as 'a major contribution to improving our understanding of Australia's population ageing.'

Edited by Hal Kendig, Peter McDonald and John Piggott, the book contains several chapters written by leading scholars, some of whom are associated with CRAHW and CEPAR.

"This book is representative of the work that CRAHW and its related research Centres do in tackling the policy challenges that face decisionmakers, and ourselves, as we age," said Professor Kaarin Anstey, Director of CRAHW.

"I urge anyone with an interest in ageing, and in ageing policy, to obtain a copy," she said.

At the launch, Professor Hal Kendig said that new social science thinking and evidence points the way towards social, economic, and political changes that can improve individual and population ageing, but that many areas remain unexplored.

“This volume is a testament to the range of research currently being conducted on population ageing. It is also a call for new research, policy, and public affairs initiatives to address what is one of the most important social phenomena of the 21st century," he said.

The book is divided into four parts - Perspectives on Ageing; Population Ageing: Global, Regional and Australian Perspectives; Improving Health and Wellbeing; and Responses by Government and Families/Individuals - the volume features research from a range of disciplines, including psychology, actuarial science, health and pension economics, gerontology, sociology and demography.

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