Shy? We are looking for people to participate in our research on social anxiety

8 March 2017

Are you a person aged 18 and over? Do you have a smartphone? Do you avoid attention, social situations, or public speaking?

We are testing a new mobile app designed to reduce social anxiety. The study is being carried out by researchers at the Centre for Mental Health Research, Australian National University.

This is an evaluation study on a new mobile health intervention for preventing and treating mild to moderate levels of social anxiety symptoms. As part of the process, you are invited to participate in a screening test to assess your eligibility. You need to be aged over 18, have a valid email address, an apple iOS 8.2 or later iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with internet access, not current receiving medication for your anxiety, or are seeking professional help.

Our Project Team:

  • Mr Brendan Loo Gee (Centre for Mental Health Research)
  • Associate Professor Philip Batterham (Centre for Mental Health Research)
  • Dr Amelia Gulliver (Centre for Mental Health Research)