A/Prof Michelle Banfield

BSc BA(Hons) PhD
Senior Fellow


Michelle's early research experience was in biological anthropology, focusing on the behaviour and social systems of primates. When she returned to research in 2004 following a period of ill health, she worked in the areas of consumer-focused research and the use of technology for the self-management of mental health problems. Her PhD explored mental health consumers' priorities for research on depression and bipolar disorder in Australia.

Michelle's research interests include effective services and policy for mental illness. She heads the Lived Experience Research Unit at the Centre for Mental Health Research, incorporating ACACIA: The ACT Consumer & Carer Mental Health Research Unit. ACACIA aims to increase the involvement of ACT mental health consumers and carers in the research process and conduct research relevant to their needs. From 2015-17, Michelle completed an ARC Discovery Early Career Researcher Award (DECRA) fellowship looking at service access and navigation for people with serious mental illness. In mid-2018 she commenced an MRFF/NHMRC Translating Research into Practice Fellowship to explore the implementation of mental health peer work.

As part of her commitment to active consumer involvement, Michelle has strong connections with consumer organisations and representation. She has held a number of local and national representative roles with consumer organisations. Through these roles, Michelle hopes to foster strong ties between the consumer and research communities.


Research interests

  • Effective primary care for mental illness
  • Treatment and management of bipolar disorder
  • Consumer and community involvement in health and research
  • Successful translation of health research into policy and practice
  • Mental health policy


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