Associate Professor Colleen Lau

NHMRC Fellow



Dr Colleen Lau is a clinician with special interest in travel medicine and tropical medicine. Colleen's research interests include infectious disease epidemiology, emerging infectious diseases, environmental health, spatial epidemiology, travel vaccinations, malaria prophylaxis, tropical medicine, and the impact of global environmental change on infectious diseases. Her research projects focus on answering practical questions in clinical management of infectious diseases, and operational questions on improving strategies to solve public health problems. She is currently an NHMRC Fellow in the Department of Global Health at the Research School of Population Health.

Dr Lau has a particular interest in the eco-epidemiology of leptospirosis, and the impact of global environmental change (including climate change, flooding, population growth, urbanisation, agricultural intensification, and biodiversity loss) on the transmission dynamics of this disease. Her work has included eco-epidemiology studies and risk mapping of leptospirosis in American Samoa, Fiji, and Queensland. She was also engaged as a WHO consultant to help develop Fiji's National Guidelines for Diagnosis and Management of Leptospirosis.

Another special research interest is lymphatic filariasis elimination, to determine the most effective strategies for managing the endgame of the global disease elimination program. Dr Lau is currently leading an operational research project on lymphatic filariasis elimination in American Samoa, in collaboration with the Taskforce for Global Health, CDC Atlanta, and the American Samoa Department of Health.

Dr Lau is a regular guest lecturer in Tropical Medicine at James Cook University, in Travel Medicine at the University of Otago, and at Continuing Medical Education (CME) events for General Practitioners.


Research interests

  • Infectious Diseases110309
  • Epidemiology111706
  • Environmental And Occupational Health And Safety111705
  • Primary Health Care111717
  • Public Health And Health Services1117
  • Pacific Peoples Health111715


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