Dr Nasser Bagheri

BSc, MSc, PhD (University Of Otago)


Dr Nasser Bagheri is a Senior Research Fellow at the Australian National University (ANU), recipient of an Australian Research Council DECRA Fellowship and co-leads Visual and Decision Analytics (VIDEA) lab in the Centre for Mental Health Research. His research has focused on health care ecosystem and chronic disease risk assessment, particularly, mental health, cardiovascular disease (CVD), diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis and dementia with a particular interest in spatial variation, and quantifying the impact of modifiable risk factors including lifestyle and contextual factors on chronic disease. He also interested in visualisation of health care patterns to generate evidence-informed policy for better policy planning and intervention in health care ecosystem.


Research interests

  • Public Health And Health Services1117
  • Geospatial Information Systems090903
  • Epidemiology111706
  • Primary Health Care111717
  • Preventive Medicine111716


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